Fiji Memories: Smileys

April 10, 2014
These Are The Voyages

I haven’t quite finished with Fiji. One oddity espied throughout the main island in various folks’ front pathways (and in our own hotel) was what I called ‘smileys’ – odd pieces of coconut palm and other wood that inspired outdoor artists had turned into faces. A little insane, but nice… I liked ‘em so much I got my pic taken beside two – and Sheepish Lee Lanolin just had to …Read the Rest

In the Hole

April 3, 2014
These Are The Voyages

…the Hole in the Rock, that is. Now, when this option first appeared on our itinerary, I’ll readily admit I …Read the Rest

Glow Worm Magic at Waitomo Caves, NewZed!

March 31, 2014
These Are The Voyages

Imagine the blackest of night skies in which the stars lean down to touch the Earth with fingers of twinkling …Read the Rest

Airport Shenanigans

March 30, 2014
These Are The Voyages

Customs Form: Have you been to any parks recently? (Yes) Have you any fruits, seeds, nuts, or food on you? …Read the Rest

Iggy Pop

March 27, 2014
These Are The Voyages

I touched a Bearded Lizard in Fiji. What’s in a name? No beard… In fact, I held him close. Whilst …Read the Rest

Ennui/On Fijitime

March 26, 2014
These Are The Voyages

On Fijitime in Paradise… 9AM Bill: We should get up Moi: Yup 10AM Bill: I fell back asleep Moi: Yup …Read the Rest

A Short Hike Up Mud Mountain

March 25, 2014
These Are The Voyages

“Yessir, yesmam – this Waterfall Tour is on flat surface. Very beautiful – not to be missed!” And with that …Read the Rest


March 23, 2014
These Are The Voyages

Ah, tropical paradise: lush greenery punctuated by mynah birds everywhere. That greenery comes with a price tag, though: an hour …Read the Rest

Day 1: The Looong Looong Runway

March 22, 2014
These Are The Voyages

San Francisco to L.A.: An Epic Journey Bill (complaining): We’ve been taxiing for 30 MINUTES?? WTF?? Moi (innocently): Oh, didn’t …Read the Rest

I Touched a Steer and I Liked It!

January 16, 2014
The Back 40

For most kids, it’s Clown Fear that follows their footsteps in life, plaguing dreams with big floppy feet and glaring, …Read the Rest


October 5, 2013
The Peanut Gallery

The Peanut Gallery (aka ‘Bill’): Uh OH! Moi (blasé because after all – in this house ‘disaster’ is very loosely …Read the Rest